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Blent receives a chf 50.000.- "FIT Digital by EHL" loan for its business intelligence platform

In the hospitality industry, reactivity and optimisation are keys to a successful business, even more so today following the Covid crisis. With its fully automated business platform for the hospitality market, BLENT centralizes all the data to let managers of hotels, restaurants and wineries get a complete and in real-time overview in order to react effectively, adapt quickly to changes, and provide the best service to customers while maintaining profitability. Located at EHL’s Innovation Village, BLENT has just received a FIT Digital by EHL loan of CHF 50’000 to support its development across Europe.

Reporting in hospitality is complex and expensive for many reasons. It is often done manually and therefore time-consuming, and the information available and compiled is out of date (sometimes by days, sometimes by months). There are also many data silos, with information isolated in specific systems, and it is very difficult to get a complete overview and understanding of your business. Even more so when you have multiple properties to manage. To run successful businesses, managers however need to be able to see in real-time what is happening in the market and establish reliable forecasts in order to make the best fact-based decisions.

BLENT’s automated platform precisely spares hospitality professionals from the manual, repetitive and technically intensive tasks induced by reporting or working with data. Specifically conceived for the hospitality industry, cloud-based and powered by artificial intelligence the business intelligence platform automatically collects and centralizes data from various systems (such as room nights, food & beverages, accounting, reputation, human resources, etc.) across multiple properties and allows professionals to access their data anytime, anywhere.

Through fully customisable dashboards and reports with real-time data, managers have a 360° view of their business and can thereby optimise their activities and resources in real-time, as well as anticipate the future with effective forecasts. It is now easier to identify the actions that make sense: testing new hypotheses quickly and validating them, limiting waste and over-consumption, sharing information between departments, all in real-time and not requiring major investments. BLENT also improves both employees’ well-being and the service delivered to customers.


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