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Innovate in Switzerland: Opportunities for Russian Companies in Digital Health

On 22 September, Skolkovo IT companies presented their solutions to biomedicine experts and potential investors during an online session in digital medicine titled “Innovate in Switzerland: Opportunities for Russian Companies in Digital Health.”

The event was co-organized by the Skolkovo Foundation and Innovaud and moderated by Pierre-Jean Wipff of Innovaud.

The Skolkovo Foundation and Innovaud have already been working together, and a delegation from the Swiss canton visited Skolkovo Innovation Center in February 2021.

The session was divided into two parts, with Swiss experts discussing the most significant trends in digital medicine taking place in the Swiss market as well as the opportunities for startups to develop their business in Switzerland’s Vaud canton, which is home to a highly valued one developed innovation ecosystem. The second part comprised pitch sessions by the Skolkovo companies to Swiss corporate representatives, venture funds, development institutions, and industry associations.

The participating Swiss experts represented Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Ferring Biologics Innovation Center, Center for Sustainable Cloud Computing, EFOUR Venture Capital Firm, Biopole Technopark, and Smart Cardia.

The Skolkovo startups presenting solutions were Epilogica, Botkin.AI, Pro rodinki, and Botkin.AI is an artificial intelligence platform used for diagnostics and disease risk assessment – specifically lung and chest. By analyzing images using AI, it reduces the probability of doctor error, workload, etc. Pro rodinki is an app that utilizes artificial intelligence to check skin cancer based on a large data set. is a cloud platform connecting patients, doctors, clinics, medical organizations, health insurance, and pharmaceutical companies. EpiLogica has developed the epidemiological information system “EpiS” that uses block AI deep neural networks as a tool for national information systems in healthcare.


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