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Kido Dynamics, a predictive analytics startup providing geo-analytics information, raises € 1,9 mio

Kido Dynamics, an EPFL spin-off that helps multiple industries and public institutions to understand and predict people’s mobility, has secured EUR 1.9 million (CHF 2 million) in a funding round led by Spicehaus Partners, along with B4Motion and Boundary Holding. With this investment, the company plans to consolidate its global position.

Founded in 2018 by Ignacio Barrios and Alberto Hernando, Kido Dynamics has developed a fully GDPR compliance software that analyzes and measures geo-analytics information from telecom network data.

With this investment, Kido plans to consolidate its global position, which encompasses clients in 12 countries worldwide, and its analytics capabilities, covering more than 100 billion events and close to 2 billion trips daily.

Apart from being awarded recently with Innosuisse Certificate, Kido’s latest work on COVID monitoring has attracted a new European Commission grant (COVID-X) to develop a continuous monitoring system, merging genomic and mobility data.

With the support of Spicehaus Partners through its Spicehaus Swiss Venture Fund and strategic investors such as B4Motion Labs and Boundary Holding, Kido Dynamics is experiencing rapid growth and broad industry adoption.

Daniel Andres, Partner at Spicehaus Partners: “As decisions by businesses as well as public authorities are becoming much more data-driven in the future, Kido Dynamics can provide unique insights in people’s mobility behavior – in a fully GDPR-compliant manner.”

Sebastián Canadell Mora (President of B4 Motion Venture Labs and Board member of Kido Dynamics) commented on Kido Dynanics’ investment: “For us, investing in Kido Dynamics is strategic. We foresee a tremendous effort to change mobility trends and infrastructure within the cities, and data is the first step in change. Understanding that mobility data is the cornerstone for making smart decisions, Kido has the ability to democratize data so that decision-making for public and private enablers is as objective and complete as possible.”

Luxembourg-based Boundary Holding founder, Rajat Khare, believes the company’s latest investment reflects its psychology that enables the fourth industrial revolution. “Big data is going strong and poised to make even bigger strides in delivering eye-opening insights. For organizations that want to better understand their customers and operational potential, the use of Big Data might already be unavoidable,” said Rajat Khare.

Its engagement is expanding, too.

The big-data company recently released its platform in Portugal with Altice, the country’s largest telecom service provider. Kido is also in advanced stages of development with telecom operator, Claro, in Brazil and Chile, while collaborates with Ooredoo and other local authorities in Qatar to provide real-time solutions for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

It’s no mystery why big data has become a natural step for many business operations. Industry experts believe the big-data market will boast a size of USD 123.2 billion by 2025.

Co-Founder & CEO at Kido Dynamics


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