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Kreskado announces the launch of Synthara, co-creating high-tech jobs in Switzerland

Kreskado announces the launch of Synthara, co-creating high-tech jobs in Switzerland along with a global coalition of

investors and innovation partners

Kreskado, an association of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors, confirms the launch of Synthara as a first deep-tech venture in Switzerland with participation from leading institutional investors and a global team of entrepreneurs and executives. Synthara is a spin-off from the UZH-ETH Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI) in Zurich developing the next generation of adaptive AI processors for edge applications.

“Founders in conservative venture ecosystems need to work harder to organize capital and commercialize their ideas,” says Sandeep Raju, Chairman. “At Kreskado, we are passionate about nurturing startups, creating jobs and working with founders to realize their full potential. Together with HTGF, ZKB, MulticoreWare, CSEM and our team of investors, it has been a privilege for us to support the development of Synthara. We are glad to have co-created many high-tech jobs as an initial contribution to the Swiss innovation ecosystem.”

“Edge AI chips are a specialized and rapidly growing multi-billion dollar market,” says Manu V. Nair, Founder and CEO at Synthara. “Our algorithm-aware chips are designed to deliver up to 500 times better performance for the next generation of smart sensor applications that use inertial measurement units, audio and image sensors.” Alessandro Aimar, Founder and CTO, adds "We are building Synthara on top of years of ground-breaking research at INI. Our solution integrates, for the first time, sparsity-aware processing with in-memory computation. Given our strong partner and investor ecosystem, we are excited about creating fit-for-purpose AI chip solutions together with our early adopter clients.”

Sandeep Raju, Chairman at Synthara and Kreskado


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