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Planet of finance is launching the Club Deal

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Planet of finance is launching the Club Deal, a publishing platform where entrepreneurs can directly post investment projects in order to find co-investors among the Pof community.

Planet of finance's international network

Planet of finance’ growing international network now includes thousands of private and professional investors from across 100 countries. They totalize over +200 B in combined placing power/AUM.

The Club Deal is meant to act as an exclusive connecting platform that supports entrepreneurs in raising capital for innovative projects that need funding from $ 100 K up to $ 100 M across 25 sectors such as : Real Estate, Infrastructure, AI, Blockchain, Robotics, FinTech, Banking, Renewable Energies and many more.

"Pof's Club Deal is the easiest and shortest path between

innovative investment projects and smart investors around

the world.”

Olivier Collombin



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