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Rent a PR launches Rent AI PR and announces cooperation with Catapult Solutions Ltd, UK

Strong focus on transformational, humanised and ethical AI communications

and creating an AI-enabling culture for organisations.

Rent a PR, an international PR agency advising technology and financial organisations in PR and corporate communications, including M&A transactions and IPO communications, announces its next growth strategy step: the launch of Rent AI PR.

The extended range of services includes transformational communications advisory and support for large corporations and SMEs, development and execution of AI-based corporate communications strategies, Prompt engineering for corporate communications and humanisation of AI-based texts, development of ethical strategies (internal and external communication, including humanised storytelling in media work, branding and client communications), multi-channel communications in media relations and together with Catapult Solutions Ltd., the creation of an AI-enabling culture.

What does an AI-enabling culture stand for?

 It holds the correct core values that drive ethical AI usage and align with a company’s goals.  It develops talent with the cognitive diversity and skills to harness AI effectively.  It has the proper risk management in place to mitigate the potential downsides of AI while maximising its benefits.

It develops career paths that empower employees to grow alongside AI advancements.


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