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Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) and Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) join forces

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Sustainable finance is gaining momentum in Switzerland with mainstream players demonstrating increasing interest and accelerating action being taken in contributing to a sustainable Swiss financial centre. SFG and SSF who have worked on this objective for many years, now strengthen their ties and announce a closer collaboration.

Strong track record and complementary strengths

Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), founded in 2008 to promote the practice of sustainable finance by creating a link between financial markets and the spirit and objectives of International Geneva, has been a true innovation hub initiating various activities to promote a sustainable finance ecosystem, the latest being the Building Bridges Summit and Week. This landmark event that took place for the first time in autumn 2019 was co-organised with SSF and Geneva Financial Center (FGPF), leveraging the unique ecosystem of Geneva, with the presence of a strong international community and an innovative financial sector. Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF), established 6 years ago by a large group of institutions – including SFG which was one of the founding network partners -, is the national association promoting sustainable finance through research, standard-setting and dialogue. It’s annual market study is the key point of reference regarding the development of sustainable finance in Switzerland. The handbook on sustainable investment has guided many pension fund boards in adopting key knowledge on sustainable investment policies. Joining forces for true impact

“Our organisations represent unique communities, expertise and traditions that we are determined to put to the service of sustainable development in the Swiss financial centre”, explains Sabine Döbeli, CEO of SSF. “By joining forces we create further momentum for the Building Bridges Week and Summit that embody these values, inspire action and perhaps most importantly raise ambition regarding the evolution of finance and the role that it plays for our society in Switzerland and beyond”, complements John Tidmarsh, Executive Director of SFG. Mainstreaming is gaining momentum – high ambition is key

In the past year, sustainable finance has become a growing priority for governments and public and private organisations globally. The COVID-19 pandemic is now reinforcing the realisation that bringing sustainability into the mainstream of society, the economy and finance, is not only an opportunity, it is also a necessity. Both SSF and SFG welcome this growing awareness and see it as a significant opportunity to create further traction on the path to a sustainable financial system and economy. It is however our firm conviction that it is also vital now to push the boundaries ever harder, redoubling our ambition with regard to positive impact and tangible contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We consider it crucial to make sure that sustainable finance is a term that is worthy of its name. The two organisations can count on the strong expertise and know-how of their members, on their Boards and on the executive team which lays a fertile ground to foster innovation, set ambitious standards and support further transparency.


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