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Travizory, startup based in Neuchâtel,sign with Rep of Seychelles for its border management solution

Seychelles achieves a world first with universally verifiable Covid-19 test certificates

The Republic of Seychelles is going live today with another first by providing digitally verifiable secured COVID-19 test results certificates, using Travizory technology. The certificates can be authenticated by all governments, carriers, and health institutions across the world while protecting the privacy of people.

The new technology allows the Seychelles Health Authorities to instantaneously issue secured digital certificates to multiple individuals in a matter of seconds, doing away with laborious paperwork.

The digital certificates with their barcodes are easy to use, they can be stored in mobile phones in Apple and Google wallets or as an email or be printed for the less technologically minded. Either way, the digital certificate can be used at both departure and arrival, as well as for access to sporting and other events or any venue requiring certificates.

In the center : Renaud Irminger, CEO Travizory and Alan Renaud, Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine, Ministry of Transport


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