Agro Sustain - (Free Sample)

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AgroSustain – a one-stop-shop solution for biological plant protection. We aim to reduce food waste and support organic food production by developing farm to fork solutions, like biological fungicides and coatings.

AgroSustain has developed a pipeline of plant-derived antifungal compounds against broad range of agronomically important fungal pathogens present in pre- (in the field) and post-harvest (in storage). AgroSustain’s first product, called AgroShelf+, extends shelf life of vegetables & fruits infected with mostly spread molds.

AgroSustain’s B2B customers, food distributors & producers with post-harvest storage facilities, that value more the effectiveness of the product on crops rather than the price. Post-harvest application of AgroShelf+ on stored perishable food can be done with spray, dipping or fogging in storage facilities or packing houses with no to minimal installation costs.

Agro Sustain - (Free Sample)
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