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OriginAll S.A., a corporation duly registered in Switzerland, has been cofounded by experts in the field of product security and traceability. OriginAll develops solutions and technological platforms that can effectively combat counterfeit and illicitly traded products, allowing consumers to differentiate legitimate from fake and illicitly traded products and helping governments protect their national interests, maximize their tax revenues and enhance the safety and wellbeing of their citizens.

Following the signing of an LOI in Riyadh in January 2021 with the FII-Institute and the AFCFTA Secretariat, OriginAll signed a deployment agreement with the AfCFTA and FII-Institute in late March 2021.
This partnership will allow the AfCFTA to serve as a best practice to other regions of the world. Among the many benefits, the cooperation will allow AfCFTA State Parties to increase and optimize its government tax revenues, generate important additional financial resources and aggregate unprecedented data on product integrity and conformity while primarily protecting the health and safety of its 1.2 billion citizens.
Our core product is an aggregation platform that allows users to verify the authenticity of a product, regardless of the solution adopted by a brand.
OriginAll does neither compete with, nor favor any particular traceability solution, nor does it intend to disrupt already deployed or imposed solutions and programs. Rather, it creates their interoperability to offer governments and consumers a single, transparent, self-financed source of product verification, product information and data correlation.

Founded in
OriginAll SA, Route de Grancy 37, 1116 Cottens, Vaud, Suisse
July, 2020
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