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A CEO must constantly project an image of infallibility and self-reliance

by Brigitte Kaps, Founder and CEO of and

As a CEO sometimes it is lonely at the top, isn’t it? CEOs lead a company with flair, decisive direction, and passion. Employees depend on a CEO’s vision and leadership, looking up to them in times of change. The CEOs position is the voice and the face of an organization and the person’s actions and behaviours reflect upon the entire organization. The position comes with not only power, responsibilities and an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

A CEO must constantly project an image of infallibility and self-reliance. Therefore, CEOs need trustful communication exchange. An advisor – as well known as a “CEO whisperer” with the right experience is helpful not just to the CEO but for the overall image of the company as well. Here are some of the reasons:

Disseminating their vision – Every CEO has a vision about their company but may not often have the best tools to communicate this to outsiders as well as employees of the company. A communication advisor can help convey this vision through their unique skills of image management and storytelling, shaping the CEOs image in the eyes of the public and employees.

Media coverage – Handling media coverage is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Extremes on both ends – a reticent CEO and one who makes reckless comments is counter-productive for the narrative of the company. Companies have PR departments or work with PR agencies, but a close, personal communication advisor can help a CEO understand how and why credibility and trust go a long way in building the right media image, working with them to diligently build it.

In times of crisis – When CEOs are busy putting out fires, they need a balanced and objective perspective. Crafting the right story during stressful times is not easy, especially when the matter concerns the CEO directly and advice from an advisor who specializes in image management is invaluable. As well on social media, which plays an increasing role in reputation management. The right public image can mitigate risks to the company and handle the crisis effectively.

Navigating social media – With CEOs making their presence felt on social media, communication processes have become more complex and demanding. Since a CEO’s external communication is closely followed by business analysts and media, not to mention the various stakeholders and the public, every tweet or post has an impact that filters down the organization and having trusted communications advisers can help CEOs navigate social media successfully.

Communicating changes – During the announcement of organizational changes, or quarterly meetings, or even when new strategies are planned, CEOs can turn with the trustful exchange of thoughts with a personal communication advisor the messaging into a balanced view and the best ways to tackle the situation.

Training in communication – One of the ways in which communication professionals are excellent media advisers for CEOs is because they can aide them in projecting a holistic image through speeches, social media, interviews, and public conduct. They can identify counterintuitive communication habits and help them improve their skillsets to handle tense or aggravating situations.

A CEO Communication advisor by virtue of being a specialist, can offer trusting, deeper insights and help create an atmosphere where the CEO feels they have all the necessary support and information to make balanced decisions and navigate turbulent waters.

Brigitte Kaps is the founder and CEO of and She holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Business Communications (HWZ, MAZ & LSE) and a degree in communications science from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. She has almost 20 years of international experience in management positions with leading foreign banks (ABN Amro, GE, RBS). Before becoming self-employed in 2015, she was responsible for corporate communications at a listed Swiss Bank as member of the Executive Team.

Brigitte Kaps, Founder and CEO of and


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