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Action plan for green fintech launched

Switzerland aims to become a global hub for green digital finance. To achieve this vision, an action plan focusing on 16 distinct areas has been published by the Green Fintech Network. A facilitated access to sustainable data is one of the potential measures put forward and a closer collaboration between Swiss financial institutions and green fintechs another one. Both could help Switzerland turn into a global leader in the area of green fintech.

The plan includes 16 proposals in 5 main categories. It was developed in collaboration with Yova, a Swiss impact fintech, as well as other fintechs and green ecosystems.

The combination of digital technology and sustainable finance leads to global opportunities for Switzerland. As a leader in innovation and financial services, it is ideally positioned to seize these opportunities.

Yova is a member of the Green Fintech Network and has been invited by the State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) to join the network as an advisor to help shape the action plan. Dr Tillmann Lang, CEO and Founder of Yova, explains the reasons for this partnership:

Why did Yova participate in this project?

Yova is a member of the Green Fintech Network. It was invited by the SIF to join the network in order to advise and enable the development of the action plan that will position Switzerland to become a leader in green fintech in the world.

What does this action plan mean for Switzerland?

The action plan describes the potential for Switzerland to transform its sustainability and technology expertise into long-term competitiveness drivers for the Swiss financial industry. The plan sets out 16 concrete actions that should be taken to further this path.

What is the key message you want to get across with this?

Our ambition is for the Swiss green digital finance ecosystem to become a global leader in enabling positive environmental and economic impact by 2030. The plan shows how to achieve this.

How has Yova contributed to the success of this plan?

Yova was part of the team responsible for identifying, describing and detailing the concrete actions. We participated in a number of workshops and contributed our expertise as a leading Swiss Green Fintech. 3 of the actions in the plan were proposed directly by Yova.

Dr Tillmann Lang, CEO and Founder of Yova


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