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Asteria launches its first social impact fund

Asteria Investment Managers, expert in environmental impact investing, is pleased to announce the expansion of its investment offer with a new social impact UCITS fund: Asteria Funds – People Impact Global Equities (the “Fund”). The Fund will invest in companies whose economic activity allows to improve health & well-being, satisfy basic needs and promote diversity & inclusion while aiming to achieve market return with a strong risk control.

Asteria seeks to achieve two equally important targets: positive impact and compelling investment performance. In order to do so, Asteria has developed solid systematic investment processes aiming at maximizing positive impact generation while delivering a superior performance compared to global financial markets’ performance within a strict risk management framework.

The firm implements its processes using the most recent and innovative technologies of data processing, so-called big data, and machine learning for financial analysis and portfolio construction.

The Fund is managed by Guido Bolliger (CIO) and Natacha Guerdat (Investment Manager)


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