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Asteria wins Best ESG Impact Investment Strategy Europe 2021 by Capital Finance International

Asteria Investment Managers was awarded for the Best ESG Impact Investment Strategy Europe 2021by Capital Finance International.

Capital Finance International award programmes identify individuals and organisations that truly add value. Its aim is to demonstrate the many ways in which the economies of the world are converging: best practice can be found everywhere around the globe and we can all learn from each other.

Asteria seeks to achieve two equally important targets, positive impact, and compelling investment performance. In order to do so, Asteria has developed solid systematic investment processes aiming at maximizing positive impact generation while delivering a superior performance to global financial markets within a strict risk management framework. Asteria implements its processes using the most recent and innovative technologies of data processing, so-called big data, and machine learning for financial analysis and portfolio construction.

The judging panel was impressed by Asteria in many aspects: “The company, which manages both liquid and private asset classes, devotes time and resource to large-scale, sophisticated research to guide its pursuit of investment solutions which lead to positive environmental impact. The company embraces its responsibility, not only in guiding investment strategies, but also ensuring it generates a small environmental footprint, while guaranteeing a job and lifestyle balance for its employees.”

Katia Coudray, CEO, on the award winning:

“We are pleased to see, that our dedicated focus on generating impact is recognised by the industry. We use ESG to guide our strategy using capital as an agent of change, encouraging a move towards sustainable and fair economics.”

Katia Coudray, CEO


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