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Interview with Nicolas Rappoport, Managing Partner at JAR (DIFC) Dubai

Tell us more about JAR Capital and why are you setting up a company in Dubai?

JAR Switzerland is a Geneva based Swiss Independent Wealth Manager offering bespoke traditional and nontraditional financial solutions to ultra-high Net Worth Individual clients and families. We manage our clients’ assets proactively and with foresight through carefully observing the markets, anticipating trends, sourcing opportunities, and developing tailor made solutions. Our approach allows us to protect and grow the wealth of our customers in a sustainable manner. We protect your capital and manage your assets with the aim of generating long-term performance.

Since it was founded in 2016 by Gerald de Senger, the company has grown its presence in Switzerland with offices in Zurich and Fribourg. Moreover, the company has expanded internationally with offices in Dubai and Singapore and with more than 30 employees across the three regulated jurisdictions.

Since the beginning of our activity in 2016, Gerald de Senger, former Head of Middle East at a major Swiss Private Bank, teamed up with ex Credit Suisse and UBS bankers covering the MENA region.

We were able to build – in a very short period of time – an extensive book of clients domiciled in North Africa and in the Middle East. Therefore it was extremely important for us to be regulated and setup shop in Dubai. On one hand we are closer to our clients and on the other being on the ground in Dubai offers huge business development opportunities.

The epidemic delayed our plans but finally with the strong network of one of our partners, Mr Samer Hanna, JAR Capital DIFC was able to obtain its Category 3C license approval and will be able to start our activities really soon.

How do you differentiate your investment philosophy from a bank?

As JAR Capital is a boutique financial company, we are extremely flexible and agile in our product offering and solutions. Based on the clients domicile and their personal needs, we have the opportunity to offer them booking centers in different jurisdictions with the most cost efficient trading desks, offering around the clock support through execution, advisory and discretionary services.

Moreover, we give our clients access to very interesting private investment opportunities which usually are not offered at a bank, like Real Estate and early-stage Venture Capital deals in Europe and in the USA. Last and most importantly is that JAR is not only business; we value our relationships, we strive for Trust and our clients become part of our family.

Have you noticed some recurrent trends from your clients?

For the last five years, we have noticed a massive departure of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from private banks to go to boutique firms like us: competitive pricing, better performance and services are some reasons for this move. Besides, the banking staff turnover has negative consequences on the relationship. Clients want stability, consistency, and transparency.


Nicolas Rappoport, Managing Partner at JAR (DIFC) Dubai


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