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Swiss food-tech company SwissDeCode has secured an investment of €1M funding

Vaud-based SwissDeCode continues to expand its board membership with investors from the industry and European institutions.

Swiss food-tech company SwissDeCode has secured an investment of €1M funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund, complementing the EIC Accelerator Grant previously awarded to the company. The start-up, who provides rapid and on-site food certification, is attracting investors from the global food- and ag-tech panorama who aim to actively support continuous advancements in the food supply chain.

Caring for the future of the Food Industry

Food sustainability, safety and authenticity have been increasingly under the spotlight, as the industry is required to improve the efficiency of its processes, to feed a growing population of more demanding consumers.

As a provider of innovative food quality monitoring solutions, SwissDeCode has been raising the interest of global investors looking for breakthroughs in the food industry. Current members of the board include VisVires New Protein, and EIT Food as board observers.

With the addition of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund, SwissDeCode believes it is bringing the right expertise on board, which will allow the company to put its growth strategy in place, while taking the needs of consumers, companies and investors into account.

"The investment will be used to drive our growth in customer acquisition and new product development. In addition, as a Board member, we will leverage the network of the European Innovation Council.”


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